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How to adjust bag straps, contact info, about the leather, etc?

I make all of my straps adjustable from the inside of the bag. They pull through and knot on the inside.  
If your bag has a straight  60” strap, as most of my smaller to midsize bags do,  I advise only adjusting it on the side under the“closed-end” of the zipper. By doing it on this side, any excess strap length will stay neatly tucked inside the bag. To perform this feat, hold the bag in one hand, pull the strap in, or out, to the perfect length with the other hand. Loosen the existing knot, and retie it at the desired location. Make sure the strap hasn’t twisted during this process.  The strap might feel a little tight and hard to pull. This is normal as I reinforce my straps heavily, so they’re nice and snug. Nothing is going to tear or break, so don’t hesitate putting a little elbow grease into your pull.  If you need a longer strap, just let me know.  It’s no problem.

If you have one of my larger bags, the strap on your bag is a wider strap, that tapers where it feeds into the bag, I suggest you adjust it first on the side under the closed end of the zipper. If it needs more adjustment, then adjust it on the other side too. Pull the strap in and knot it at the desired length.


How to measure for a custom belt?  I need two measurements from one of your good-fitting belts to make a custom belt.


  1. Take your favorite belt, and measure the length of the leather strap from the tip to where the buckle is attached. ( do not measure the buckle, only the belt strap)

  2. Now measure the belt strap from where the buckle is attached to the belt, to your favorite hole, where you wear it the most.

belt measurements.jpg
About the leather...

I make my bags using beautiful, soft, durable cowhide leather.  It has a wax finish which makes it water-resistant. It can take a beating! I can testify to that. I double stitch and heavily reinforce just about everything, as I do not believe in planned obsolescence!


Have a question?

Please contact me if you have further questions, or would like to place a custom order.  Call me at 206-898-8276 , or email me at




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